Checking out Memcache on GAE

Using GAE Memcache

One of the benefits of using GAE is the ability to scale up to 7 billion requests per day and automatically scale down when traffic slows. This is great for users who don't know or want to handle scaling hardware when traffic increases. Hwoever above all it's a good idea to implement a caching mechanism.

In looking at the PicoCMS source it seemed like I couldn't really implement a plugin to do the caching based on how the hooks are set up. So I actually went into the PicoCMS codebase and altered the code to work very similar to the examples provided by GAE.

Now, I know this is a big no, no in altering the core files as my work will be overwritten when PicoCMS provides an update. In the meantime I'll continue investigating and thinking about a fair way to work with caching via a plugin. For now, what I've hardcoded will suffice to help keep the hosting costs down.